The beach

“Bandiera Blu” Blue flag to Chioggia – Sottomarina!

Blue Flag is an International Eco-Label for certification of environmental quality recognized around the world and given to beaches that can demonstrate a high standard of quality of bathing water.
Blue Flag also monitors the beaches, bathing establishments, environmental certification and much more.

bagni-villaggio-camping-isamar-chioggia-spiagge-sottomarina-004The benefits of the sea Sottomarina are known already for a long time . Starting from the air you breathe on the beach, rich in salts such as iodine , calcium and sodium chloride, that our body is able to assimilate through breathing and skin , because ideal to take long walks by the sea , especially when the sea is rough , breathing deeply to make the most of all its benefits.

bagni-astoria-chioggia-spiagge-sottomarina-00112Another cure is the immersion in brackish water since it has an optimal concentration of salts: in a liter there are 19 g of chlorine , 10 g of sodium, 1.3 g of magnesium and also traces of sulfur , calcium, potassium , nitrogen and fluorine which are good for your skin , bones and joints thanks to the mineralizing and invigorating , a precious ally for those who suffer from psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis.

Finally, even the sand has its merits , it is preferable for a few hours a day to lie directly on the sand, without the cloth , so the skin will absorb part of the sea salts, organic compounds of algae and many other minerals present in the grains of sand. Also important is just to walk on the sand that favors the return of venous blood to the great benefit for varicose veins.